Transport Manager Recruitment 

IBPTS External Transport Manager Database


IBPTS are seeking holders of Standard "National or International Transport Management CPC" Nationwide to join our database with prospects as acting as “External Transport Managers” for our clients.


To be eligible to be place on our database, you are required to have sufficient time within your working week and normal employment to be able to continuously and effectively fulfil the proactive role as "External Transport Manager". Have good knowledge of current operating legislation and compliance.


Essential requirements
Be of Good Repute & Professionally Competent.
Conversant with PSV Operator Licensing.
Conversant with DVSA maintenance procedures & protocol.
Conversant with DVSA inspections planned & unplanned.
Conversant with Domestic & EEC Driving Rules/Regulations.
Conversant with Analogue & Digital Tachograph.
Conversant with the "Working Time Directive".
Conversant with Driver Management.
Conversant with Driver CPC training. 


If you feel you have the qualities to be placed on the IBPTS "Eternal Transport Managers Database" either call us for an informal chat or post/email your CV. 


We cannot guarantee you any "External Transport Managers" positions but when a position is available in your area, you will be contacted by IBPTS.


IBPTS will provide Operators details of "External Transport Managers" on the database. Operators and prospective "External Transport Managers" are required to negotiate their terms, conditions and contracts.


"External Transport Managers" can legally transport manager 4 operators with a maximum of 50 vehicles, subject to the number of hours work (proactive continuous effective responsibility) for each operator, travelling time, location of the operating centre and the approval of the “Traffic Commissioner".


The "External Transport Manger" is categorised as part-time employee regardless of being self-employed. The following obligatory weekly hours he/she which are required to work for an operator is determined by the number of vehicles permitted to operate on the operator’s licence as shown below:


2 or less vehicles = 8 hours
3 to 5 vehicles = 15 hours
5 to 10 vehicles = 20 hours
11 to 15 vehicles = 25 hours
Over 15 vehicles = Be employed full time as an "Internal Transport Manager".

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